Attention Deficit (H) Disorder/LD Support and Lecture Series

Thinking Emotions Online Workshop

DATES: Four weekly sessions: Wednesdays 4/19 - 5/10. 
Are you tired of getting angry with your child? This online workshop is for you!

Thinking emotions, the emotional regulation workshop that supports both parent and child regulation.

Following a dozen successful workshops at Stanford University we now offer online interactive workshops. The workshop focuses on how to cope with emotions of parents and children with ADHD and on improving parent - child relationships

Classroom Accommodations and IEP Goals for EF Difficulties (Grades 4-12)

One of the hallmarks of ADHD is having difficulty with executive functioning (EF). This class will focus on specific difficulties that children experience in the classroom and provide suggestions for effective interventions. Learn about specific accommodations and goals for specialized instruction obtained through IEPs. Class content will apply to any child with executive functioning weaknesses, not only those diagnosed with ADHD.

Behavior Plans for ADHD Children: Managing Problems and Increasing Desirable Behaviors Using Rewards Instead of Punishments (All Ages)

Rewards and consequences can be used to reinforce behaviors that you expect, while decreasing problematic behaviors. Learn how to set up an effective behavior plan, used to teach and maintain many kinds of behaviors such as doing homework and getting along with siblings.

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Ed Advocacy: Tactics, Strategies & Paper Trails

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Tactics and Strategies   *from the book From Emotions to Advocacy 

& the Rule of Adverse Assumptions 

Paper Trails and the Importance of Documentation

Learn that your documents should provide answers to questions

Logs, Journals and Calendars

The first 2 hours is a presentation, the last hour will be an open discussion. Bring your questions!

A small snack, tea and coffee will be available.

Film Screening of The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia

​Please join us for a film screening of The Big Picture- Rethinking Dyslexia, a film directed by James Redford.  The film recounts the experiences of children and young adults with dyslexia, incuding Redford's son, Dylan, and features iinterviews with highly successful individuals with dyslexia, such as Richard Branson, Gavin Newsom, Charles Schwab, and David Boies.  

The Film will be followed by a panel discussion with professionals and parents.

College for Students with Special Needs: What You Need to Know

Many high school students with special needs, learning challenges, or disabilities (on an IEP or 504) will consider post-secondary education. Options include community college, 4-year college, and universities with a variety of options and support. It can be overwhelming at first. Come find out more about what's available and how you can help prepare for your student's education after high school.


  • Sandra Cernobori, counselor from Paly  
  • Foothill Community College 
  • Kevin Shields, disability services at UCB



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