Attention Deficit (H) Disorder/LD Support and Lecture Series

Walk in the Shoes of a Student with LD and/or ADHD - LD/ADHD Lecture Series

Leann Carrozzo - Simulation Facilitator

If you have not yet participated in one of these experiential sessions, now is the time to “get” what a student with LD and/or ADHD feels daily in school and at home. Experience directly through this learning disability simulation* different types of learning challenges. Parents, relatives, and educators will be better able to understand, advocate for and support their child/student. Teachers are free for this event.

*We use NCBIDA Experience Dyslexia materials for this simulation

Strong IEP Goals/Objectives Really Matter! - LD/ADHD Lecture Series

Kick off the new school year zeroing in on the nits and grits of writing SMART goals and objectives. Our examples will include LD/ADHD challenges such as attention, processing, reading, writing, math, social skills, and transition. You will leave with a better understanding of how to participate effectively in the goal writing process, the supports and accommodations to consider and document in the IEP, and how to keep a close eye on your student’s progress. 

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ADHD: Signs and Classroom Strategies

Sand Hill School presents this special collaboration. Presenters include CHC's Marcela Molina, LMFT and Sand Hill School's Alixanne Agnew. 

ADHD appears in different ways and can definitely result in struggles at school for affected kids. If you have kids who are easily distracted, have a hard time paying attention, trouble controlling behavior or are nonstop talkers, this class will help you with suggestions and practical classroom strategies. 

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SELPA VII CAC: Dyslexia/LD Subcommittee Event

For students with learning disabilities, such as dyslexia, SCUSD has just adopted Sonday as part of their intervention program.  Dyslexia affects 20% of the population, that's 1 in 5 ! Please join us for an evening of questions and answers pertaining to Sonday.

High School students encouraged to attend.

Please RSVP (for planning purposes)!
Contact: Retta Conley Robertson CAC Vice-Chair at

Thinking Emotions Online Workshop

DATES: Four weekly sessions: Fridays 4/21 - 5/12. 
Are you tired of getting angry with your child? This online workshop is for you!

Thinking emotions, the emotional regulation workshop that supports both parent and child regulation.

Following a dozen successful workshops at Stanford University we now offer online interactive workshops. The workshop focuses on how to cope with emotions of parents and children with ADHD and on improving parent - child relationships


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