Attention Deficit (H) Disorder/LD Support and Lecture Series

Advocacy Workshop: Jump-Start Problem Solving: Effective Steps to Improve Your Child's Special Education Program Sooner

Jump Start Problem-Solving: Effective Steps to Improve Your Child's Special Education Program Sooner 

Loni Allen, Education Specialist, joined by the guest co-presenter: Susan J. Bardet, Attorney, Special Ed Legal Consults​

Special Ed Legal Consults primarily works with Bay Area companies that support their employees who are parents of children with disabilities by offering legal consults as employee perks. ​


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Doing Transitions Well: Theirs and Yours, Too!

Speakers: Leann Carrozzo, Spec Ed Paraprofessional
Melissa King, MBA, Certif in College Counseling

Transitions are part of life, challenges and growth. The discussion will center on major points of transition (K to 1st; 3-4th; elementary to middle; middle to high school; HS to vocational training, college, gap year and/or work) that both you and your child/teen will experience, albeit in different ways. Consider perspectives, tips and resources to help you navigate with knowledge, confidence and calm.

Nature and Needs of the Dyslexic Learner

Nancy Redding, M.Ed. - Certified Member, Orton-Gillingham Academy

Don’t be stymied with a diagnosis of dyslexia, but rather understand what it is and implies, what type of instruction is most effective, how to work with the school, and especially what strategies you can use at home to best support your child/teen with dyslexia or other related educational challenges. Become aware of AB 1369, the new dyslexia law in California, and what differences it may make.

CANCELLED - LD Simulation plus Talk on Accommodations

 We have to cancel this event due to a small number signups.


LD Simulation: If you haven’t participated in one of these experiential sessions, now is the time to “get” what a student with LD and/or ADHD feels daily in school and at home. Experience directly through this learning disability simulation* different types of learning challenges. Parents, relatives and educators will be better able to advocate for and support their child/student. 

Exploring Anxiety and Depression - LD/ADHD Lecture Series

Speaker: Catherine Eckel, Ph.D., Psychologist

Is there something going on with your child/teen that you can't quite put your finger on? Have you felt that there is something besides LD and/or ADHD in play? Hear how depression and anxiety could be the explanation for their behavior, moodiness, defiance, school performance and social issues. What and when should be the next steps in piecing together what is truly going on in your child/teen with LD and/or ADHD challenges?

Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to sign in, fill out paperwork and make payment.


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