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Special Education Law and Advocacy Conference: Featuring Peter Wright, Esq.

  • Learn your rights
    • Special education law, rights and responsibilities
  • Introduction to tactics and strategies for effective advocacy
    • Acquire collaborative strategies
  • Navigate complexities of IEPS and 504 plans
    • Tests and measurements to measure progress and regression
    • SMART Individual Education Plans (IEPs)

Attendees receive 3 Wrightslaw books ($63 value)

Peter Wright, ESQ

Education Advocacy Workshop - Parent Consent & Signing Options - Procedural Safeguards

Education Advocacy Workshop

Informed Parental Consent /  Signing options

PHP's education department gets many calls about signing the IEP document.

Learn more about signing options. 

Procedural Safeguards 

Topic: State Complaint Procedures and more!


First 2 hours is a powerpoint training

Last hour is an open discussion! Bring your questions

Come if:
** If you are a parent, family member, student or professional


** We regret child care is not available



La Transición del Programa de Intervención Temprana al Programa de Educación Especial

La Transición del Programa de Intervención Temprana al Programa de Educación Especial 

Cambiando de Intervención Temprana (Early-Start - Parte C) a Educación Especial  (Distrito Escolar - Part B)

Asista a esta clase si es padre de un niño o niña que dentro de 6 meses o menos cumplirá los 3 años de edad y quien recibe o está siendo evaluado para recibir servicios del programa de Early-Start (Intervención Temprana)

O si es un proveedor de servicios para estos niños o niñas.

Aprenda acerca del proceso de transición de un plan de IFSP a un IEP...

Transition to Adulthood

The completion of high school is the beginning of adult life. For students with disabilities, these choices may be more complex and may require transition planning. Planning the transition from school to adult life begins once a student reaches 16 years of age, or younger, if appropriate. Transition services are intended to prepare students to make the transition from the world of school to the world of adulthood. 

Attend this training as a parent, guardian, professional or interested community member

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