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Need IEP Help?
Looking for someone to attend your child's IEP with you?
Would you like advice about your child's current IEP?
Leigh and Susie are passionate about every child receiving the educational supports and services to which they are entitled. Our goal is to help get your child the services they need while maintaining good relationships with your child’s school district.
We are creative, focused, and committed.
Because we each have children with multiple disabilities, we understand the journey personally and professionally. Our educational backgrounds, volunteer work, and real-world IEP experience will help you understand the process and advocate effectively for your child. 
The special education maze is difficult to navigate.  Most people cannot do it alone. The stakes are high, the path convoluted and confusing. AABA - Aspire Advocacy Bay Area can help you obtain the individualized services your child needs. This allows them to receive what is rightfully theirs - a free and appropriate public education.
For the past 20 years, we have worked collaboratively and effectively with a wide variety of people - from the California State Department of Developmental Services to local school district staff and many families.  Please call now for a free, 30-minute consultation.
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95124 San Jose , CA
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Sun, Oct 11, 2020: 7:42 am
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Susie and Leigh did a great job for us. They clearly know the ins and outs of the special education process. In addition to getting our son the services he needs, they supported me during the process as well. I have worked with both of them, and highly recommend Aspire Advocacy.

Leigh was a huge help in getting the IEP help I needed for my son. I knew there were problems with his IEP, but did not know what to do. She went through the IEP with me. There were a lot of areas of need where we were able to request and get new assessments and services. My son is doing so much better in school, and getting the support he needs. It was a huge relief to me to have someone at his IEP who could speak for me when I needed it. I highly recommend Aspire Advocacy. Give them a call!

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